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The Yashica Rapide was first released in 1961. It has a built-in selenium meter which indicates EV or LV numbers. These numbers correspond to aperture/shutter speed settings, there is a little window on the aperture scale which shows these numbers, but they are not coupled as on other cameras. It's vertically orientated, so that the format appears in usual landscape mode whereas most half formats use portrait mode. There is a very simila Taron Chic which also dates from 1961, so nobody can say whether the one inspired the other.

The camera's main features are:

35mm film half-frame camera, picture size 24 x 18 mm
Yashinon 28mm f/2.8 lens, F2.8-F22 focus, 1m-

Shutter speed: 1/500-1s, EV value window
Size 75 x 135 x 55 mm, Weight : 540 g (!)
ISO 10-800, accessory shoe, flash socket, tripod socket, self timer

Some pictures of the camera:

Front. Viewer and meter. Above the lens: flash socket. Exposure control around the lens, a little window on the aperture scale ring shows the LV/EV numbers, aperture and speed are indicated as well. On the outer ring of the lens: flash type setting and self timer. Distance setting on the inner ring, not visible on the photo.

Back view. Finder and ISO setting.

Left side. Film counter and shutter release with cable release socket.

To advance the film, you have to pull down the little strap.

Right side. Rewind release and rewind handle. The tripod socket is on this side, not on the bottom, so it's portrait mode.

Seen from above. Meter cell and accessory shoe.

Camera back open.

If you point the meter cell towards the subject, you look at the camera at about this angle. Distance scale on the inner ring. The speeds scale is moved via the 2 square little metal blocks that stick out. As the rim of the aperture scale is dented, you can move both scales with one thumb or finger. So aperture/shutter speed setting can be coupled.

Original leather pouch..

The Yashica Rapide is a very heavy camera. The exposure system via EV/LV numbers works very well if the meter is working. It has a very good lens and a very good shutter as well.

It takes sharp pictures. Spacing is tight, so you get at least 75 photos from a roll. There is no hot shoe for flash, but an accessory shoe and a flash socket. Interior and night photos are possible, as it has a B setting and slow speeds. It is rare to have this on half frame cameras. This is a beautiful, stylish vintage camera, it's much fun.

Yashica selenium meter obviously do not age well, I have several cameras with meters that do not work.
As there are many cameras around with dead meters, check with the seller that the meter really works. The meter can freeze with the needle in the middle of the scale, so this is no indication that it works.