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110 film and 16mm film are basically the same width. If you want to process your 110 or 16mm film yourself, you will need a 16mm reel. The only ones still available are Jobo reels. There is a 1502 reel for the 1500 system and a 2001a for the 2000 system. Both are quite expensive, shipping included you will have to pay 60€ and more just for the reel. That's a lot, if you just want to have a try. You may however have a 35mm reel, they are cheap and usually come with the tank. Making a 16mm reel out of a 35mm reel is easy, but not reversible.

This is what a 35mm reel looks like:

reel from the 2000 system. A 1500 reel would work as well-

Taken apart. You have to turn over a little stop.

You will need a Dremel or a similar tool, but you can also cut with a saw. Disclaimer: do not try to do this unless you have basic DIY skills and if you understand what you do.

You have to cut the upper part off. Cut cautiously, you will also need the cut-off part later. Cut off 18mm. You will lose about 1mm of the material by your tool, that's o.k. Do not cut into the remaining part or your reel will be to narrow.

The plastic will burn a bit and it stinks.

Cutting done..

A bit of sandpaper and it's fine.

Now you have these parts.

The cut reel assembled to a smaller reel.

The remaining part secures the spool. You may have to plane a tiny bit of the stops to get over them. All done.

Your new 16mm or 110 film reel..

The spool with a bit of film, 110 film in this case.

The new 16mm or 110 film reel for cheap.

So here you are with a developing reel. Enjoy your cameras, be it 16mm or 110!